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  • May
    [Industry News] Large-scale High-purity Alumina Ceramic Products Produced By Spontaneous Solidification

    Spontaneous gelation breaks through the key bottleneck problems such as deformation and cracking of large-size ceramic wet billets during drying, and produce large-size high-purity alumina ceramic grinding discs with diameters of 360mm to 600mm, 1400x900x30, 500x500x45, 1180x490x20mm etc . Large-sca

  • May
    [Industry News] Raw Material Importance to Advanced Ceramics

    “Raw materials are the foundation, molding is the condition, and firing is the key" is the experience that ceramic workers have summed up from many years of ceramic production practice. This shows the importance of raw materials in ensuring product quality. In order to produce high-quality ceramic p

  • May
    [Industry News] Development of Ceramic Materials

    Ceramic is the oldest material, and it is the first chemical product made by human conquering nature. It appeared much earlier than metal materials. It is one of the symbols of human civilization and an important research object in the history of human civilization.For a long time, the development o

  • Oct
    [Industry News] SCHOLTEN GMBH-- Germany Corporate Partner Of Chemshun Ceramics

    SCHOLTEN GMBH-- Germany Corporate Partner Of Chemshun CeramicsCongratulations on TH.SCHOLTEN GMBH & CO.HG becoming corporate partner of Chemshun Ceramics in April 2018.SCHOLTEN GMBH has more than 60 years of experience in the field of corrosion and wear protection of operating systems. This cooperat

  • Mar
    [Industry News] Weldable tile and Its Installation

    Weldable tile and Its InstallationAs the professional wear resistant alumina tiles manufactuer in China, Chemshun Ceramics afford the solution for industries and solve the client’s industrial wear problem. Many customers asked us the weldable tile and its installation, such as one client require the

  • Jan
    [Industry News] Abrasion Resistant Lining For Chute Wear Solution

    Abrasion Resistant Lining For Chute Wear SolutionIn aggressive industrial applications, Equipment heavy-duty parts are often exposed to aggressive slurries, sand aggregates, particulates, and large stones that can damage and abrade even the hardest reinforced steel substrates. Alumina ceramic abrasi

  • Jan
    [Industry News] How much pressure abrasion resistant ceramic tile can withstand ?

    How much pressure abrasion resistant ceramic tile can withstand ?As an abrasion resistant ceramic tile manufacturer and supplier, Chemshun Ceramics often help customer to analyze and solve industry wear damage problem.once a customer from Canada talked with me about the alumina ceramic property , an

  • Jun
    [Industry News] The Application of ceramic saddles

    The Application of ceramic saddlesPingxiang Chemshun ceramics co., LTD’s ceramic saddles has excellent acid and heat resistant performance, can be used in all kinds of chemicals, acid, gas, heat exchange, RTO system such as recycling tower.Chemshun ceramic saddles can exert its greatest effect. In t

  • Aug
    [Industry News] Inert Ceramic ball production process

    Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramic Co.,ltd`s inert ceramic ball can be divided into dry powder forming and sliver forming.The two processes have different characteristics, and the appropriate production process should be selected according to the specific requirements of customers.Details of dry powder form

  • Sep
    [Industry News] What are the classifications of ceramic balls

    What are the classifications of ceramic balls Ceramic balls are round spheres, made of ceramics material.It can be classified into two types according to their purpose: filler ceramic balls and grinding ceramic beads. Packing ceramic balls, also known as inert alumina ceramic balls, are widely used

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