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Upgrade your industrial processes with high-efficient tower packing media

Chemshun Ceramics is happy to introduce a range of packing media for distillation columns, gas scrubbers, pollution control systems, and other industrial towers. Our products are designed with top-grade plastic, metal, and ceramic to fit your desired applications. As the tower packing manufacturer that has already become a trusted name on a global scale, we know how demanding and different your processes may be. But we are capable of exceeding any of your expectations. We produce the best filling materials you could ever find on the market and put them up for sale right here.

What tower packing materials can you choose from?

Think of this collection as your main source of high-end random and structured packings. Depending on the type of columns you need them for, you can benefit from:

  • -Pall rings. From cooling towers to drying columns, these can be put to good use in many packing applications. Available in ceramic, plastic, and metal configurations, our Pall rings feature open designs for better gas-liquid contact and uniform distribution.

  • -Saddle rings. These tower packing media are best for chemical distillation and absorption processes as they improve mass transfer in a larger surface area. However, the applications of our saddle rings go way beyond those. They also come in plastic, ceramic, and metal options for traditional and Intalox types.

  • -Teller rosette rings. If you need to improve liquid holdup in your columns, consider filling them with these tower packing materials. Our Teller rosette rings are unmatched in how they add to the contact time and transfer efficiency.

  • -Polyhedral hollow balls. Water treatment and purification processes may require fillers of a spherical shape. That is why our hollow balls feature two hemispheres to be used for the given applications. They increase the surface area but are still lightweight.

  • -Baffle rings. Ceramic tower packings of this type take stability up a notch. They are tubular pieces coupled with baffle plates that provide great filling capacity in any acidic or high-temperature environment.

Are you looking for some specific media in different sizes? We’ve got you covered! Chemshun Ceramics is your go-to ceramic, metal, and plastic tower packing manufacturer to order those fillers from. We can produce our rings and hollow balls in a variety of sizes for different surface areas. To learn more about available configurations, click on the sought-after medium in our collection and find its specifications and technical data.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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