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  • Sep
    [Industry News] Pall Rings for Packed Columns

    ent on the basis of the Raschig ring. Two rows of window holes with inner tongues are opened on the ring wall. This structure improves the gas-liquid distribution and makes full use of the inner surface of the ring. Compared with the Raschig ring, the processing capacity can be increased by more tha

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Inert Chemical Alumina Ceramic Ball

    Chemical filling beads is an inert ceramic ball. called "ceramic balls" because of their inner shape like ceramics sphere.Inert ceramic ball does not participate in chemical reactions. It is calcined from alumina powder into industrial powder, and then calcined into dense structure at high temperatu

  • Aug
    [Industry News] What is Ceramic Saddle Ring?

    Ceramic saddle ring belongs to a type of ceramic tower packing, which is processed by continuous extrusion process. Compared with the ceramic raschig ring of the same material, ceramic saddle ring has the advantages of large flux, low pressure and high efficiency. The bed has a large void ratio, and

  • Aug
    [Industry News] Chemshun Inert Ceramic Ball as Catalyst Support Balls

    The inert ceramic balls are manufactured from very high quality chemical-porcelain clay materials, which has quite excellent stability, high mechanical strength and resist to thermal shock, which are broadly utilized as the covering or supporting materials of the catalyst in the reactors and the pac

  • Jul
    [Industry News] Application of Pall Ring Packing

    Pall rings are divided into plastic Pall rings, ceramic Pall rings and metal Pall rings.Plastic Pall ring packing is especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, environmental protection and other industries at low temperature (60-150 degrees) distillation, absorption and washing

  • Jul
    [Industry News] What is the Plastic Teller Rosette Ring?

    Plastic rosette packing, also known as Teller rosette ring, it is an ellipsoidal filler formed by many circles surrounding it, with A stiffener in the middle and an "A" shape, which greatly improves the compressive strength of the rosette ring. At the same time, the Teller rosette ring packing has t

  • Jul
    [Industry News] How to Choose the Right Chemical Tower Packing

    Chemical tower packing is a kind of solid filler, because of its easy materials, convenient manufacturing, cheap, so it is widely used at present. Its function is to provide sufficient contact surface for gas and liquid, and to create conditions for strengthening its turbulence degree, so as to faci

  • Jun
    [company news] The role and requirements of chemical packing in packed tower

    The role and requirements of chemical packing in packed tower Chemical packing is a kind of solid filler, its function is to provide sufficient contact surface for gas and liquid phases, and to create conditions for strengthening the degree of turbulence, so as to facilitate mass transfer. Therefore

  • Jun
    [company news] How to improve tower packing efficiency

    Random packing is the core component of the packed tower, and the mass transfer efficiency of the packing is directly related to the operation performance of the packed tower. To improve the mass transfer efficiency of the filler, it can be considered to increase the specific surface area of t

  • May
    [Industry News] How to choose the chemical tower packing

    Chemical random packing refers to inert solid materials installed in packed towers, mainly used for supporting, covering and filtering in drying towers, absorption towers, cooling towers, washing towers and regeneration towers in oil refining, metallurgy, gas, oxygen production and other industries

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