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News and Events

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Ceramic Grinding Media - Zirconium Silicate Beads

    Zirconium Silicate Beads is a ceramic grinding media which is made through the sintering process and it can be used in stirred vertical mill and horizontal mill.1. Specification of Zirconium Silicate Beads:ItemCS-40MaterialZrO2, SiO2, Al2O3Density>4.0 g/cm3Self consumption<0.5%Vickers hardness1000-1

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Notice for welding steel pipe lined with wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining

    Wear resistant ceramics elbow bend pipe, pipe sleeve
    is used as composite ceramics pipe lined steel , wildly used in power
    plant boiler milling system piping. When welding it, you should pay
    attention to these relevant standards:1. To prevent defects such
    as pores and cracks, the rust, scale, oi

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Ceramic Grinding Media - Zircnia Beads & ZTA beads

    Zirconium Oxide Bead and ZTA(Zirconia Toughens Alumina) beads are
    popular kind of ceramic grinding media in many industries, these beads
    can be used for ball mill, agitator mill, polisher, sand mill etc, its
    main characters are low wear resistance, toughness, corrosion
    resistance, impact resista

  • Sep
    [Industry News] What is Trapezoid tiles( Pipe tiles)

    Chemshun Ceramics produce different shape type of wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles like plain tiles, weldable tiles and trapezoid tiles. Trapezoid tiles
    is also called pipe tiles, it is suitable for less than 900mm diameter
    of the pipe and elbow wear resistant lining, customizing trapezoidal

  • Sep
    [Industry News] The five reasons why alumina ceramic lining tile fall out from the roller surface

    Maybe people using alumina ceramic lining tile as roller wear liner
    found that the alumina tile fall out from the surface while service
    working.Chemshun Ceramics tell you 5 reasons why ceramic lining tiles fall.

  • Sep
    [Industry News] How to use ceramic grinding ball in ball mill of cement industry?

    In order to reduce the crushing loss of ceramic grinding balls in
    cement ball mills, the following points should be paid attention to:1. When loading the mill with empty warehouse, add materials first and then add the ceramic balls.China's
    cement industry has been forced to eliminate the ball mill

  • Sep
    [company news] Chemshun Ceramics Wandering in Chengdu

    In Sept 2019, We, Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics International Team wander in Chengdu, a city which you will not leave once you come, delicious food and beautiful scenery in everywhere and wait for you.Please follow me and review our eight-day’s journey in Chengdu:Three days in Chengdou, we ate authent

  • Sep
    [company news] Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    all friends: The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is September
    13-15,Chemshun Ceramics wish you have a great time at the Mid-Autumn
    Festival holiday in advance.

  • Sep
    [Industry News] What Grinding Mills Can Use Ceramic Grinding Media

    For improve grinding efficiency of grinding mills, most people choose
    using ceramic grinding media to maximize grinding productivity and
    profitability.But how to choose suitable grinding balls for you milling device became a new question.Usually,
    grinding equipments of grinding process including

  • Aug
    [Industry News] 3 Kinds of Wear Resistant Elbow Pipe

    Wear-resisting elbow with excellent function has become the new
    favorite of all walks of life, with its more and more widely used, Let's
    know more information about it. Well, let’s begin with its
    classification. The current wear-resisting elbow
    is mainly including directly stick ceramic lining w

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