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  • Feb
    [Corporate Announcement] Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    Dear Customers,It is kindly informed that Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,ltd is scheduled for the Chinese New Year, and the holidays are from Feb 9th to 17th,2021. We will be back to work on Feb 28th, 2021. In order to provide our best services for you, please kindly help to pre-arrange your reques

  • Jan
    [company news] Chemshun Conference of 2020 Year-end Summary & 2021 Launching Ceremony

    Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,Ltd successfully held 2020 Year-end Summary conference and 2021 Launching Ceremony. All the staff attended it and some of them were rewarded for their hard work.2020 is a very extraordinary year. The world is affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The entire international

  • Jan
    [Industry News] How to Select Wear Resistant Ceramics for magnetic separator

    Due to the excellent performance of wear resistant ceramic liner pieces, it has the unparalleled superior advantages compared with other metal and non-metal materials.It can replace stainless steel, rubber sheet,anti-wear non-metallic coatings, abrasion resistant materials. What’s the excellen

  • Dec
    [company news] 2021 New Year’s Day Holiday Notice

    2021 is approaching, In order to celebrate the coming new year ,and make company employees to have a happy New Year’s Day on the first day of 2021,Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,ltd decides to take three days holiday which is from Jan 1st to 3rd , 2021. We will be back to work on Jan 4th,2021. Your

  • Dec
    [company news] Chemshun Team Building Activities

    In order to relieve staff’s work pressure and cultivate everyone’s team cohesion, Pingxiang Chemshun company organized a team-building program in destination of Wushiyinxiang on December 19th. Several activities with various rewards wear prepared for this guess words game,group membe

  • Dec
    [Industry News] Abrasion Resistant Alumina Ceramics as Cyclone Protective Liner

    The cyclone can sort any optional mineral materials, but the cyclone equipment and processing materials are often severely worn, including the cyclone nozzle, cone, connecting pipe, pipeline, pump and valve, and need to be adjusted or replaced frequently , Affecting the quality and efficiency of ma

  • Dec
    [Industry News] How to choose the correct abrasion resistant ceramic liner according to your working conditions

    The abrasion resistant ceramic lining is a special corundum ceramic product made of alumina powder as basic component, rare metal oxide as a flux, and calcined at a high temperature of 1700 degrees. It has the advantages of high strength, excellent wear resistance, light weight, and long service lif

  • Nov
    Classification of Wear Resistant Ceramics

    Wear resistant ceramics is wear protective liners for industry machines. Different material ceramics have various physical and chemical property ,popular materials includes alumina ceramics, silicon carbide, zircon toughened alumina ceramics etc. But In the actual construction and installation proce

  • Nov
    [Industry News] How To Cut Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Alumina Tile Liner

    Abrasive Ceramic alumina tile are generally made according to molds during production. The shape of ceramic plates are relatively regular, so it needs to be cut during the construction process. However, cutting alumina tile is difficult, because the hardness of wear resistant ceramic liners is large

  • Nov
    [company news] Japanese Customer Praise Chemshun Ceramic Pipe Quality

    Wear resistant ceramic pipes mainly include ceramic elbows, straight pipes, tees, special-shaped pipes, etc. They are used in ceramic-lined pipes for pneumatic conveying and mud pumping fittings,With features of high hardness, high speed and large flow when conveying media. It is widely used in pne

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