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Ceramic catalyst carriers that will form the support you need

Heterogeneous catalysis has come a long way from being an option to becoming a necessity. It’s now considered the pillar of material treatment in an endless number of industries, from petroleum to chemical. If you frequently resort to it for your processes, you may need to create an extensive support area to leverage surface reactivity. Well, our ceramic catalyst carriers will be just right to maximize the effectiveness of reactions between your reactants.

Whether for improving an octane rating or speeding up the cracking of complex molecules, our products can prove useful. Chemshun Ceramics turns alumina and silica into porous and non-porous reaction enhancers based on innovative catalyst carrier production technology. They are unmatched when serving as inert supports to facilitate chemical bonding between substances, helping you make raw products into ready-to-use ones.  

The blend of catalyst carriers and ceramics

Ceramics are known for their catalysis-specific properties. It is their core features that make them go-to options for many chemical processes involving supports. We can supply you with pellets, alumina balls, Raschig rings, and other materials that are made specifically with catalyst carrier production techniques to improve their properties, such as:

  • -compositional flexibility
  • -density
  • -chemical stability in acidic and other demanding environments
  • -mechanical strength
  • -thermal resistance
    • -chemical inertness

These carriers also allow you to unlock their catalytic activity potential through large surface areas for the needed treatment process. To fit your specific one, we offer them in different sizes and ceramic ball diameter options.

Looking for custom supports rather than pre-made ones? It’s of utmost importance for us to meet your needs as a catalyst carrier manufacturer. Give us a ring to talk it over. At Chemshun Ceramics, we can produce ceramic carriers for custom, OEM, and ODM projects – everything your heterogeneous catalysis may call for.


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