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Honeycomb blocks – The best choice for heat transfer

When it comes to high-temperature processes involving catalytic oxidation and air treatment, your equipment can either make or break them. At Chemshun Ceramics, we’ve just blended technology with a dash of innovation to help you ensure improved operational performance with ceramic honeycombs. These are top-notch heat transfer and storage media that come with filtering elements to capture and neutralize unwanted substances. Available in many designs and configurations, they can be applied in industrial furnaces, regenerative thermal oxidizers, gas dedusting systems – you name it.

What makes our ceramic honeycombs stand out?

From sourcing materials to producing honeycombs, Chemshun Ceramics has mastered every process to provide you with greater value. When making these media, we use the best ceramic to favor all its properties in industrial applications. That is why there’s no question of getting products that are not quite up to the task of heat transfer. Our ceramic alumina honeycombs boast impressive thermal properties so that you can use them under the most demanding conditions.

Whether it’s for an industrial furnace or other equipment, every medium found here can be made specifically to your needs. We are proud to be the only ceramic honeycomb manufacturer in the area that offers:


  • -a variety of hole types

  • -different wall thickness options

  • -any number of honeycomb channels (cells)

  • -custom-made media

We produce honeycombs to be used in HTAC systems, too. When combined with RTOs, they are without equal for treating the exhaust air to get rid of toxins, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, and other hazardous pollutants. Besides the highest efficiency level, our honeycomb blocks can complement your system with reduced pressure drop. This can benefit companies across many industries, including those that revolve around air treatment and combustion processes.

Pricing and shipping details

There’s no fixed price for our honeycombs because it isn’t set until you let us know your requirements. But once we receive your inquiry, we’ll send you a quote without further ado. Rest assured: our ceramic honeycombs cost way less than those from other manufacturers.

At Chemshun Ceramics, we always use the shipping methods that our customers choose. Do you need those highly resistant blocks as soon as possible? We can arrange air transportation for you. Want to keep expenses down? Then a sea freight option is probably your best bet. Plus, we offer rail and truck shipping, so it’s up to you.

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