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Honeycomb Ceramic for RTO Heat Exchanger Treatment

The characteristics of the honeycomb ceramic regenerator are as follow: they have low heat expansion, high specific heat capacity, high specific surface area, low pressure drop, low thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and much more. So, in metallurgy and chemical industries, it is used as HTAC, while we combine recycling the heat of the emissions, high efficient combustion with reducing NOx. It becomes a true energy saver and decreases NOx.
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1: Chemshun Ceramic Honeycomb Description

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are used to destroy Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds and odorous emissions that are often discharged from industrial processes.The RTO honeycomb ceramic block achieves emission destruction through the process of high temperature thermal or catalytic oxidation, converting the pollutants to carbon dioxide and water vapor while reusing the thermal energy generated to reduce operating costs,RTO device with ceramic honeycomb heat media are easy and cost-efficient to operate and maintain, for the time being, the most economic solution for thermal oxidizers. so it also is heat exchanger packing.

2: Product Characters

a. Excellent heat capacity
b. Chemical and thermal shock resistance

c. Reduce the exhaust heat loss, maximize fuel efficiency, reduce unit energy consumption;  
d. Improve combustion conditions to meet the high-temperature thermal equipment,
e. Improve the furnace heat exchange conditions, and improve device yield and product quality,  reduce equipment investment;  
f.  Thermal equipment unit to reduce emissions an harmful gas emissions, reducing air pollution, change  Improving the environment.  

3: Geometric properties

Commodity Standard type Qty of channels Wall thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
150*150*300   60*60   0.4  4.6
150*150*300   50*50   0.7  5.2
150*150*300   40*40   0.8  4.35
150*150*300   25*25   1.0  3.45




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