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What are the classifications of ceramic balls

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Ceramic balls are round spheres, made of ceramics material.It can be classified into two types according to their purpose: filler ceramic balls and grinding ceramic beads.


Packing ceramic balls, also known as inert alumina ceramic balls, are widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries. They are used as the covering support material and tower packing for the catalyst in the reactor. The main function of the packing ceramic balls is to increase gas or liquid. Distribution points, support and protection of active catalysts with low strength. Chemshun ceramic packing ball products include: normal ceramic balls, medium-alumina ceramic balls, high-alumina ceramic balls, ceramic balls with hole, etc.


Grinding ceramic balls are grinding bodies used in fine grinding equipment such as ball mills, pot mills, and vibration mills. Grinding ceramic balls have the advantages of high hardness, high bulk density, corrosion resistance, etc., and their crushing efficiency and wear resistance are much better than ordinary balls or natural pebbles. They are widely used in ceramics, glass, enamel, pigments, chemicals, mining and other industries. According to the composition of the ceramic ball, it can be divided into: alumina ball, ZTA ceramic bead, zirconium silicate sphere, Yttria-stabilized zirconia grinding beads, etc.

Chemshun grinding ceramic balls and packing ceramic balls

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