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Ceramic Intalox Saddle Ring

Application 1-- Drying in industries like chemical and fertilizer.
Application 2-- Rectifying and absorbing of columns in producing acetic acid
Application 3-- Cooling and scrubbing of towers
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Ceramic Random Packing-Ceramic Intalox Saddle Ring

1. Description

The saddle ring is processed by continuous extrusion process, which has the advantages of large flux, low pressure and high efficiency. The bed of saddle ring packing has a large void ratio, and the inner layer of the bed is mostly a circular arc-shaped liquid passage, which reduces the resistance of the gas passing through the bed and also reduces the radial diffusion coefficient when the liquid flows downward. The shape of the ceramic saddle ring is between the ring shape and the saddle shape, and thus has the advantages of both, which facilitates liquid distribution and increases gas passage. The ceramic saddle ring has high density and excellent acid and heat resistance, and is resistant to various inorganic acids, acids and solvents other than hydrofluoric acid.

Ceramic saddle rings are widely used in heat exchangers because of their high density and high temperature resistance.

Chemshun's ceramic intalox saddle saddle is highly suitable for the conditions of higher temperature and lower temperature and can be much more resistant to all kinds of organic acid, inorganic acid and solutions except for the hydrofluoric acid than metal packing. It is widely used in mass transfer towers, distillation towers,drying tower, absorbing tower and cooling tower in the fields of chemical, petrochemicl, coal gas industries.

2: Technical Data

A. Geometric properties
Specific Surface
Void Volume
Bulk Number
Bulk Density
Dry Packing Facorm    
mmmmm2/m3 %n/m3Kg/m3m-1
B.Chemical compositions
C.Physical Data
Moh's Hardness (scale)Bulk Gravity(g/cm3)Water Absorption Ignition Loss Heat Resistance
Alkali ResistanceAcid Resistance
>6.52.1~2.4<0.9%<0.3%Up to 980℃>80%>98%

3. Ceramic intalox saddle ring application :

Absorbers. Degassing, liquid extraction, water treatment, heat transfer in Petroleum Chemical, Gas, Environmental area.


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