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Honeycomb Bolcks for Heating Furnace in Steel Mill

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Product Description:

Regenerative high temperature air combustion technology (referred to as HTAC) has the dual role of energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with the traditional combustion technology, it can save fuel by 20-50%, reduce oxidative burning loss by more than 20%, reduce NOx emission by more than 40%, and greatly improve production efficiency.As one of its key components, honeycomb heat accumulator has the advantages of large heat exchange area per unit volume, fast heat transfer, small airflow resistance, shallow diathermy depth and high thermal efficiency.There are square hole, round hole, hexagonal hole and other types of holes and plane, bevel, single groove, double groove various end shape.According to the characteristics of China's industrial furnace and the use of the environment, our company's technical personnel bold innovation, the first in China with 2000℃ above high temperature fused chrome corundum and other high purity materials to synthesize honeycomb heat storage body.Using the synthetic materials with high refractoriness and high refractoriness under load, good slag resistance and thermal shock stability, fast heat conduction, thermal capacity and good erosion resistance, capacity big, big advantages, not only improves the heat storage and heat transfer rate, and greatly reduces the jams, melting, slagging, the phenomenon such as crack, powder, flake, the service life of the same products abroad.

Product characters:

1.High Fire Resistance,

2.High Softening Temperature Under Load,

3.Good Slag Resistance,

4.Good Thermal Shock Stability,

5.Fast Heat Conduction,

6.Good Scour Resistance,

7.Large Capacity,

8.Large Heat Capacity



Used for heating furnace in steel mill


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