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Metal Pall Ring ( SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS410, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, etc. )


Chemshun Others Stainless Steel Pall Ring:

ceramic pall ring Plastic Pall Ring
Ceramic pall ring Plastic pall ring

1.  Product  Description

Metal Pall Ring is one of the most common and well-known column packing Metal pall ring is an industry standard design media developed from the raschig ring and is used widely in all variety of applications. By minimizing the number of contours and crevices that can cause liquid hold-up and potential entrainment, the metal pall ring's geometry enables high gas and liquid transfer rates.
The opened cylinder walls and inward bent ligule of the metal alkali scrubber packing pall ring allow greater capacity and lower pressure drop than standard cylindrical ring. This open ring design also maintains an efficient distribution and resists wall-channeling tendencies. The interior and exterior contacting surfaces of the Metal pall ring provides an effective distribution of liquids and gasses and resist plugging, fouling and nesting.

2. Advantages of Metal Pall Ring

-- Lower pressure drop;
-- Good liquid/gas distribution and higher mass transfer efficiency versatility,easily wettable;
-- High resistance to fouling ,high temperature;
-- High mechanical strength ,suitable for dapper beds;
-- High temperature resistance.

3. Application of Metal Pall Ring

-- Isolation;
-- Absorption;
-- Deadsorption;
-- Common decompression;
-- Toluene separation, ethylbenzene separation, isooctane separation and desulfurization system etc..

4. Materials

Metal tower packing material includes SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS410, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, etc.

5. Technical Data

Bulk number
Bulk density


surface area

Free volume
16x16x0.3 201,000  360 346 95.5
25x25x0.4 51,000  302 212 96.2
25x25x0.5 51,000  400 216 95
25x25x0.6 51,000  461 219 94.2
38x38x0.4 15,000  218 143 97.2
38x38x0.5 15,180  262 145 96.7
38x38x0.6 15,000  328 146 95.9
50x50x0.5 6,500  194 106 97.5
50x50x0.7 6,500  285 108 96.4
50x50x0.9 6,500  365 109 95.4
76x76x0.8 1,830  205 69 97.4
90x90x1.0 1,160  229 62 97.1

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