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  • Sep
    [Industry News] How to achieve the most accurate size when producing high-purity alumina wear resistant ceramics

    How to achieve the most accurate size when producing high-purity alumina wear resistant ceramics Nowadays, more and more alumina ceramic products are used in the fine parts of the equipment, the requirement of the dimensional precision is very high, and the cooperation with the equipment during con

  • Sep
    [Industry News] What are the classifications of ceramic balls

    Ceramic balls are round spheres, made of ceramics material.It can be classified into two types according to their purpose: filler ceramic balls and grinding ceramic beads. Packing ceramic balls, also known as inert alumina ceramic balls, are widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural g

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Silicon Carbide Ceramics Introduction

    Silicon Carbide Ceramics Introduction Silicon carbide, also known as emery, is a mixture of quartz sand and coke, using the silica and petroleum coke, adding salt and wood chips, placing it in an electric furnace, heating it to a high temperature of about 2000°C, and forming it after variou

  • Jul
    [Industry News] Factors affecting the strength of ceramic materials

    The factors that affect the strength of ceramic materials are the microstructure, the shape and size of internal defects, the size and shape of the sample itself, the rate of change, environmental factors (temperature, visibility, pH, etc.), the state of stress and stress. 1) The influence of micros

  • Jun
    [Industry News] Semiconductor-----Silicon Wafer Polishing

    Briefly talk about the steps of silicon wafer polishing as below : In the first step, the front side of the silicon wafer is treated, an adhesive is coated on the back of the silicon wafer, the silicon wafer is adhered to the ceramic board, the corrosion layer on the front surface of the silicon waf

  • Jun
    [Industry News] Single-side grinding and polishing machine processing principle

    Lapping / polishing is the effect of free-abrasive between the grinding disc and the flat workpiece, applying appropriate pressure to the workpiece, and the cutting effect of the non-directional grain surface produced by the workpiece, when the abrasive particles become fine and grinding If the disc

  • Jun
    [Industry News] How to solve the temperature problem between the grinding disc on the plane grinder and the workpiece

    The surface grinder is a precision grinding device. The product to be grinded is placed on the grinding disc. The grinding disc rotates counterclockwise. The workpiece rotates by itself. The workpiece is pressed by gravity compression. The workpiece and the grinding disc are rotated relative to eac

  • Jun
    [Industry News] The Abrasion Of Ceramic Material

    In any running machines, the relative movement of various parts occurs, that is, sliding or rolling friction or friction between the two, a series of mechanical, physical, and chemical interactions occur under the action of friction, causing the machine dimensional changes and material loss occur on

  • May
    [Industry News] Application of inert alumina ceramic ball

    Application of inert alumina ceramic ball Inert alumina ceramic ball has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, long service life, good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with materials, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistanc

  • May
    [Industry News] Application of Activated Alumina Ball

    Application of Active Alumina Ball Activated alumina ball, the name is Activated Alumina or Reactive alumina; activated alumin (I) um oxide. It is a porous, highly dispersed solid material with a large surface area. Its microporous surface has the characteristics required for catalysis,

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