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filtration materials of the Porcelain sand

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1. Description
 filtration materials of the Porcelain sand  is made of a porous ceramic material mixed with rare earth raw materials and refined porcelain sand filter, filtration materials of the Porcelain has a very strong adsorption capacity, high strength, low resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, renewable simple, long life and other characteristics. Traditional quartz sand, granite, anthracite filter low porosity and specific surface area is small, poor interception capability, low output quality is unstable. Filtering and short life cycle, it is difficult to meet the domestic water various components of complex industrial wastewater treatment and pollution gradually worsened, requiring industrial water depth processing.

  2. Features                  

filtration materials of the Porcelain sand  having a large surface area, interception capability, high water production, water quality and stability, long filtration cycle characteristics. To meet the various components of the complex depth treatment of industrial wastewater and urban sewage. Traditional media defects, and in accordance with domestic new media research experience, using high-quality kaolin, binders, pore-forming agents, anti-corrosive high temperature calcination, the appearance of white, hard, uniform particles, porous developed, high porosity. Shortcomings of traditional media, new media and developed according to foreign experience, the use of high-quality kaolin, binder, pore forming agent, rare earth resist high temperature firing into the appearance of white, hard, uniform particles, micro hole developed, porosity, plump roundness of the new media - rare earth porcelain sand filter.

3. Advantage
1. Porcelain sand filter small initial head loss, to extend filter working cycle is very favorable, porcelain sand filter termination head loss, can reduce the height of the filter, save infrastructure costs.
2. Porcelain sand interception capacity, generally less than 9-10kg / m, approximately the amount of quartz sand filter interception (7.8-9kg / m3) of 1.2 to 15 times.
3. Porcelain sand spherical surface, easy to clean, backwash water consumption than the quartz sand was reduced by 30% to 50%
4. Porcelain sand strength, a small amount of wear, generally higher than the quartz sand long life of more than 5 times
5. Porcelain sand evenly structured, easy loading, easy loss, no secondary pollution, adapt to ion exchange, mechanical filters, no valve filter, reverse osmosis filter apparatus preprocessing or resin supporting layer can be used for activated carbon adsorber cushion.
6. According to water quality, a special treatment process can be done in addition to iron, manganese, fluorine and other multi-purpose porcelain sand filter, and as a coarse-grained filter, biofilter biological filter oily wastewater treatment, removal of iron, manganese , fluorine, oil and other organic pollutants.

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