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Q-Pack Tower Packing

  • Chemshun Ceramics

>> Detailed Description :
Q-Pack Tower Packing large pore volumes and surface areas make it an ideal media for biological treatment of drinking water. Biofilm processes are excellent for treating raw water containing ammonia, manganese, iron etc. Tests have shown that Q-pack works perfectly in these kinds of processes.
In conventional filtration processes PP Q-pack tower packing column filling can be used in different ways. In dual media filters Q-pack can be used in combination with sand. Tests have shown that Q-pack operates as well as or better than traditional filter media in these types of filters.
Q-pack can not only be used in traditional drinking water treatment, but also in treatment of saline water. In desalination plants one of the most important parts is the pre-treatment process. A-pack is an excellent filter media for use in pre-treatment filters in desalination plants.

>> Application : 
1: Biological treatment
2: Physical filtation
3: Pre-treatment for desalination

>> Sizes and property:

Dimension (mm)Number per m3Bulk densityVoid ratio (%)Packing factory (m-1)Drop point

>> Package 
1)By small plastic bags(0.13m3/bag)
2)By big enhanced plastic bags(1m3/bag),and two bags put on 1 pallet.


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