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Plastic Random Packing Teller Rosette

Plastic Rosette Packing Can Be Made Of PP, PVC, PVDF, CPVC, UPVC
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1: Product Description

The rossete ring, also known as the Teller rossete ring, is a large oblate spheroid composed of 12 small rings arranged in a radial direction. Due to the high liquid holding capacity of gap of rossete ring, the liquid in the tower can stay for a long time, thereby increasing the contact time of the gas and liquid and improving the mass transfer efficiency of the tower filler.

Chemshun Teller Rossete Ring Can Be Made of  PP, PVC, PVDF, CPVC, UPVC

2: Rossete Ring Features

- large void ratio,

- low pressure drop and

- mass transfer unit height,

- high flood point,

- sufficient vapor-liquid contact,

- small specific gravity

- high mass transfer efficiency.

3: Application

1)   H2SO4/Ammonium sulfate industry: SO2, SO3, NH3, Absorber, Scrubber

2)   Soda industry: Chlorine drying tower

3)  Iron & steel/coke industry: COG desulfurization tower, COG middle/light oil collector, gas cooling tower

4)  Oxygen plant: Air cooling

5)  Thermal power: Flue gas desulfurization

6)  Chemical industry: H2S, HCl, Cl2, HF, NOX elimination, organic solvents recovery

7)  Pulp industry: Black/white liquor oxidation

4:  Technical Data


Number per
Bulk density
(Kg/m3; )
Surface area
Free volume Within 3 days
 for one 20 ft container.

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