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Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball Polypropylene (PVC) plastic spherical, a spherical synthesized by two hemispheres
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Product Introduciton :

Plastic Polyhedral hollow ball is composed of two hemispheres which will form into a ball. And each hemisphere consists of a number of half fan-shaped leaves, the upper and lower leaves in a staggered arrangement. Its surface area is larger than other spherical fillers. It can be used in sewage treatment, desulfurization of CO2 in power plant, desulfuration and purified water tower packing. Plastic multi-aspect hollow ball is a new type of high-efficiency tower packing applied in water treatment equipment.

Main Applications

Widely used in addition to chlorine, in addition to oxygen, in addition to Eryanghuatan absorber, exhaust gas purification tower, mist purification tower and other environmental protection equipment. Modern water purification materials, multi-surface hollow ball suitable for water treatment, mainly Tianchong in cooling towers, purification tower to remove oxygen, chlorine, carbon dioxide and other gases. Spherical appearance, a variety, typically 12 Huaban a hemisphere.


Gas velocity high, leaves and more resistance; large surface area ratio, can adequately address the gas-liquid exchange; with small resistance, operating flexibility and other advantages.


ItemNumber per m3Bulk density
Surface area
Void volume

❖ Package:

1) By small plastic bags(0.13m3/bag)
2) By big enhanced plastic bags(1m3/bag),and two bags put on 1 pallet.



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