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Plastic Cascade Mini Rings for Mass Transfer Extraction

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Plastic Cascade Mini Rings Introduction 

❖ Plastic cascade mini rings as the function of bevel edge in its sidepiece, It reduces resistance when the gas goes through the machine bed and increases flow rate. The intensity of the filling is quite high. Due to its structural characteristics, gas and liquid are distributed evenly and contact area of gas and liquid is increased, thus improving mass transfer efficiency

Property and Size 

Item   D*H*Thk
Number per m3Bulk density
Surface area
Void volume

❖ Material
Pastic cascade mini ring materials including  divided into three materials: 
 PP, RPP, CPVC, PVDF, PVC, etc    

Application :

a. Desulphurization and decarburization system in compound ammonia plant;
a. Decompressed plant in crude oil separated plant;
b. All kind of separation process such as separation of methanol; Separation of organic acid;
c. Absorb or disabuse tower.

1)By small plastic bags(0.13m3/bag)
2)By big enhanced plastic bags(1m3/bag),and two bags put on 1 pallet.


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