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  • Jun
    [company news] The role and requirements of chemical packing in packed tower

    The role and requirements of chemical packing in packed tower Chemical packing is a kind of solid filler, its function is to provide sufficient contact surface for gas and liquid phases, and to create conditions for strengthening the degree of turbulence, so as to facilitate mass transfer. Therefore

  • Jun
    [company news] How to improve tower packing efficiency

    Random packing is the core component of the packed tower, and the mass transfer efficiency of the packing is directly related to the operation performance of the packed tower. To improve the mass transfer efficiency of the filler, it can be considered to increase the specific surface area of t

  • Jan
    [company news] Chemshun Conference of 2021 Summary Commendation & 2022 Work Started

    Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,Ltd held annual summary commendation congress on Jan 14th. During conference, president Mr Zhong and CEO Cathy Yi announced the statistics of 2021 whole work, including total sales, management costs, production costs, staff training costs, year- end awards distributio

  • Jan
    [company news] Chemshun Ceramics Held the 2022 Operation and Management Objectives Kick-off Meeting

    On December 31, 2021, Chemshun held the Kick-off meeting of 2022 operation and management objectives. All the management of the company attended the meeting.At the meeting, Mr Zhong, chairman of Chemshun ceramics company shared…

  • Mar
    [company news] 60CBM Plastic Heilex Rings Delivery

  • Jan
    [company news] Chemshun Conference of 2020 Year-end Summary & 2021 Launching Ceremony

    Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,Ltd successfully held 2020 Year-end Summary conference and 2021 Launching Ceremony. All the staff attended it and some of them were rewarded for their hard work.2020 is a very extraordinary year. The world is affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The entire international

  • Dec
    [company news] 2021 New Year’s Day Holiday Notice

    2021 is approaching, In order to celebrate the coming new year ,and make company employees to have a happy New Year’s Day on the first day of 2021,Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,ltd decides to take three days holiday which is from Jan 1st to 3rd , 2021. We will be back to work on Jan 4th,2021. Your

  • Dec
    [company news] Chemshun Team Building Activities

    In order to relieve staff’s work pressure and cultivate everyone’s team cohesion, Pingxiang Chemshun company organized a team-building program in destination of Wushiyinxiang on December 19th. Several activities with various rewards wear prepared for this guess words game,group membe

  • Nov
    [company news] Japanese Customer Praise Chemshun Ceramic Pipe Quality

    Wear resistant ceramic pipes mainly include ceramic elbows, straight pipes, tees, special-shaped pipes, etc. They are used in ceramic-lined pipes for pneumatic conveying and mud pumping fittings,With features of high hardness, high speed and large flow when conveying media. It is widely used in pne

  • Nov
    [company news] Outdoor Sports Of Enjoying Chrysanthemum

    Autumn is the harvest season, the season of changing flowers and trees, and the season of blooming chrysanthemums. the golden autumn is more colorful because of the chrysanthemums. In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, so that everyone can relax fully after stressful work, and promote

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