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The role and requirements of chemical packing in packed tower

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Chemical packing is a kind of solid filler, its function is to provide sufficient contact surface for gas and liquid phases, and to create conditions for strengthening the degree of turbulence, so as to facilitate mass transfer.

Therefore, the efficiency of the packed tower has a great relationship with the chemical packing used. Generally, the chemical packing has the following requirements:

1. The porosity (also called free volume) of random packing should be large. That is, the void volume in the filler layer per unit volume should be larger.

2. The specific surface of the tower packing is larger. That is, the surface area of the filler layer per unit volume should be large.

3. The surface wetting performance of chemical fillings is better, and the structure should be conducive to the close contact of the two phases to promote turbulence.

4. The random packing has good corrosion resistance to the processed materials.

5. The density of tower packing itself (including both material and structure) should be small and have sufficient mechanical strength.

6. The chemical filler is easy to obtain, easy to manufacture and cheap.

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