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2020 China National Holiday

Views: 5     Author: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2020-10-11      Origin: Site


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October 1, 2020 is the 71st National Day of the People’s Republic of China, and this day happens to be the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2020. People across the country will enjoy the National Day holiday from October 1-8.

During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, as the current situation of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is stable, people begin to travel out and visit the scenic spots or shopping. At the same time, because the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of reunion, most people choose to go back to their hometown to reunite with their families and enjoy the joy of family love.

During the National Holiday in 2020, people all over the country spent a happy and peaceful holiday. Thanks to our great motherland for protecting us, we can have happy life today. After experiencing COVID-19, we have learned to cherish life,health and peace. May our motherland get better and better! May people all over the world be healthy and safe.

                                    2020 China National Holiday

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