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Polypropylene Pall ring packing application packed tower

Views: 1     Author: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2023-04-29      Origin: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD


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Polypropylene Pall ring packing is widely used, which increases the direct economic benefits of chemical plants. Let us understand the application of polypropylene Pall rings in PVC. It has the advantages of simple structure, large empty tower speed change range and simple manufacture. Packed towers with a diameter of less than 1 meter are still widely used in PVC production enterprises. In the production of PVC, this packed tower usually uses corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials, such as ceramic packing.

Raschig ring packings made of ceramics are commonly used in the vinyl chloride synthesis section of plants. A few years later, the resistance of the alkali system was large, the alkali tower was blocked, and it was found that the mud in the circulating alkali solution increased. Due to the contact of alkaline medium, although the ceramic saddle ring packing with good strength and high efficiency is used, it is not easy to be blocked by suspended solids during production and operation, and the phenomenon of packing corrosion and blockage of the tower also occurs after use.

Ceramics are corrosion resistant, but not resistant to hydrofluoric acid and alkalis. It is a brittle material that tends to form fragments and block pipes and systems under the impact of airflow. The tensile strength is low, and when suddenly quenched and heated, it is easy to crack even if the thermal stress generated by repeated cold and hot cycles is not large.

The factory started to replace the ceramic packing with polypropylene Pall rings, which achieved good results, and there was no tower blockage caused by packing corrosion. Due to the light weight of the polypropylene Pall ring packing, the stacked weight is only 1/10 of the ceramic Raschig ring and 1/7 of the ceramic Pall ring, so the weight of the packing in the tower is greatly reduced, and the polypropylene Pall ring will not break and will not break. Produces debris that clogs pipes. But polypropylene Pall rings are lightweight and can easily be carried away by air currents, causing blockages in pipes and systems. A closing flower plate should be provided at the gas outlet. The use of polypropylene Pall rings to replace ceramic fillers has achieved good production benefits.

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