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Engineered Ceramic Liner

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Engineered Ceramic Liner Tile

With 15 years producing experience of alumina ceramic wear resistant ceramics,Chemshun has a professional engineered team and installation team , Our team help clients choose the right wear resistance product and afford the CAD design drawings for the pre-engineered tiles to suit specific equipment. Designed layout drawing and installation, make all the ceramic lining tiles 100% suitable for the application demand.
Advantages of Chemshun pre-engineered ceramic lining tiles

  1. CAD design and precision controlled tailor, guarantee all pre-engineered tiles geomitric dimension
  2. Easily and exactly fixing onsite, installation person just according to Chemshun Installation drawing directly fix and do not measure the equipment and lining tiles size and do not cut the tiles
  3. Optimize the equipment of geometric dimension and improve the lining life , Its most suitable for the complex equipment device .

>>> Chemical Composition:
Al2O3 SiO2 CaO MgO Na2O
92~93% 3~6% 1~1.6% 0.2~0.8% 0.1%
>>> Physical properties:

Specific gravity (g/cc) >3.60
Apparent porosity (%) 0
Flexural Strength (20℃, Mpa) 280
Compressive strength (20℃, Mpa) 850
Rockwell hardness (HRA) 80
Vickers hardness (hv) 1050
Moh’s hardness (scale) ≥9
Thermal Expansion (20-800℃, x10-6/℃) 8
Crystal Size (μm) 1.3~3.0



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