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Ceramic lined hopper in Mining system

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Hoppers are the main equipment for material loading in the crushing system or feeding system in steel, coal power plant, mining, Metallurgy, and Chemical and so on. With continuous conveying of particle, such as coal, iron ore, gold, aluminum etc. The hoppers are suffered very serious abrasion and impact accompanied by material transport.
According to loading materials different hardness, speed, abrasion, impact and temperature etc, we select suitable abrasion resistant ceramic wear liners ( alumina ceramic welding bricks, rubber ceramic steel composition wear resistant liner, ZTA ceramic liner )to install on the inner wall of the hopper, silo and material feeder. With the ceramic wear liner, the equipment can prolong the lifetime 5~10times than before.

Chemshun alumina ceramic plate lined hopper

Why Chemshun Ceramics ceramic wear liner can bring so high value to the customers? Because Chemshun is a manufacturer with 17 years alumina wear resistant ceramics, chemshun has own research and development dept and engineer team. Chemshun wear resistant ceramics with the advantage of:
1. Superior wear resistance
2. Chemical and impact resistance
3. Erosion, acid, alkali resistance
4. Smooth inner wall
5. Easy installation
6. Longer service lifetime
7. Competitive and reasonable price
8. Saving maintenance time and expenditures

Welcome contact with us for more ceramic wear liner and application.

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Wear resistant ceramic hopper liner

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