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plication of different saddle ring packing

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   The so-called different saddle ring packing, is to add another material in the main material, also called additive.
    Additives can be divided into two kinds. One is to reduce costs, use cheap materials added at a higher price the price of materials. It does not change the properties of the material. Another additive is a functional filler.
    The so-called functional filler additive is added to the material properties can be improved. Different saddle ring used as a filler two properties both. Its general purpose as follows:
    For different saddle ring packing rubber, can not only reduce costs but also improve the wear resistance of the rubber and electrical insulation, different saddle ring packing materials science has become a specialized discipline. Particularly in the resin material industry, different saddle ring packing is essential to determine the merits of mineral material, which is scheduled for the key mineral filler surface properties. It is a product just to improve impact resistance and surface finish, and can improve the accuracy of dimensions.

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