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White Spherical Activated Alumina Ball for Fluoride Removal Agent

  • Chemshun

The activated alumina balls for fluroide removal agent is white spherical material, special fabrication, because the skeleton has a unique structure, so strong affinity with the active component, the product porous uniform distribution of pore size suitable large pore volume of high water absorption, bulk density is small, good mechanical properties, with good stability, suitable for a catalyst carrier, desiccant, fluoride removal agent, transformer adsorbent.

So that the FDA prepared CO-MO sulfur-tolerant shift catalyst with a low-temperature activity is good, the use of a wide temperature range, curing time is short and so on, the catalyst for small and medium ammonia plant.


Physical Properties:

Product Name

Activated Alumina Ball

Product Type



Fluoride Removal Agent Defluoridizer



Bulk Density


Surface Area


Pore Volume


60% Static Adsorption


Abrasion loss


Crush Resistance

40 N/sphere  (1-2mm)

Crush Resistance

40 N/sphere  (1-3mm)

Crush Resistance

60 N/sphere          (2-4mm)

Crush Resistance

100 N/sphere        (3-5mm)

Packaging: 25kg/woven bag, 750kg/pallet, 15MT/20GP with pallet, 18MT/20GP without pallet

                   150kg/drum, 600kg/pallet, 12MT/20GP , 200L/metal drum


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