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What is a cerami tower packings?

Views: 4     Author: chemshun ceramics     Publish Time: 2016-03-11      Origin: chemshun ceramics


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 cerami tower packings , also known as ceramic structured packing is composed of several parallel superposed corrugated sheet combined into. Separation efficiency ceramic packing for bulk ceramic filler several times to ten times, so it is called efficient packing. According corrugated vertical angle can be divided into X and Y-type two categories, X-type of inclination of 30 degrees, Y-inclination of 45 degrees. Generally speaking, X-type has a smaller drop, while the Y-type has a better mass transfer performance. In order to take into account the pressure drop and mass transfer performance, openings in the plate. Separation efficiency of ceramic packing and lattice tower, compared to random packing, it not only has high efficiency, low pressure drop, large capacity, holding a small amount of liquid, amplification effect is not obvious, operating flexibility characteristics. At the same time also took packing wear and corrosion resistance, thermostat, it is the ideal tower packing. Ceramic packing types are: flat packing, corrugated plate packing, packing bumps. Since the ceramic packing no significant amplification effect, the surface roughness and material unique corrosion resistance properties in the petrochemical distillation, stripping, absorption, extraction and other mass transfer process, has a broad application prospects.

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