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Rapid Drying and Setting Method for Honeycomb Ceramics

Views: 11     Author: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2023-08-24      Origin: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD


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Honeycomb ceramic products how to quickly dry it, the drying method is the use of microwave drying equipment, it is a good drying method, with fast drying speed, good quality, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages. Honeycomb ceramic is a kind of product with a structure like honeycomb shape. Early use in small vehicle exhaust purification, now used in chemical, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, electronic appliances, machinery and other industries.

Using microwave drying equipment to dry honeycomb ceramics, not only the drying speed is fast, the product quality is good, while saving energy, the drying speed is also very fast, can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Conventional heating, such as flame, hot air, electric heating, steam drying, etc., all use the principle of heat conduction to transfer heat from the outside of the product to the inside, and gradually increase the temperature of the object, which is called external heating. It takes a specific amount of time for this part to meet the desired temperature, and the longer it takes for objects with poor thermal conductivity.These traditional drying methods take a long time, power consumption, heating is not uniform, turning up and down, and labor intensity is large, but microwave drying, microwave can penetrate the inside and outside of the object at the same time, and the molecules friction with each other to generate heat, heating themselves. Therefore, it can be widely used in the drying and dewatering of powdery materials of chemical products.

The microwave drying equipment uses microwave to heat the material as a whole in a non-contact way, avoiding the problems such as dry cracking and discoloration caused by uneven heating in the traditional process. Honeycomb ceramics are the molecules in the material absorb microwave, itself as a heating source and gradually heat up, water from the inside to the outside of the material, with uniform heating, heating speed, energy saving and other characteristics.

The porous honeycomb ceramics have the advantages of large geometric surface, short expansion distance, facilitating the entry of reactants and the discharge of products, and reducing the volume of the reactor. Therefore, honeycomb ceramics are especially suitable for automobile exhaust gas treatment, flue gas purification, heat storage and infrared radiation combustion panel applications.

Honeycomb ceramic

Honeycomb ceramic

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