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How about the Chemshun wear resistant ceramic?

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Pingxiang chemshun ceramics Co., Ltd produced 92% and 95% alumina wear-resistant ceramic with special corundum structure, the main raw material is alumina powder import from Australia and France, Shaped by the press, firing at 1500-1650℃ high-temperature roasting.

The hardness of chemshun wear-resistant ceramic plate (HRA) is ≥89, and its wear-resistant function is more than 10 times that of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fittings. The 5mm-30mm thick ceramic layer is selected, and its practical wear-resistant service life is equivalent to the minimum 50mm thick wear-resistant cast steel. The alumina ceramic plate has excellent anti-corrosion function to different corrosion media, and it is resistant to acid, alkali, salt, and other strong corrosion media and halide corrosion characteristics. Aluminum oxide is a neutral oxide. It can't react with acid, alkali or salt. Aluminum oxide is an inorganic material. Under the effects of light, heat, oxygen and other natural environments for a long time, there is no deterioration (aging) problem. The corrosion resistance of chemshun wear-resistant ceramic pipeline is ten times higher than that of stainless steel. Wear-resistant ceramic itself can withstand the high temperature of more than 1200 degrees Celsius, after reasonable planning and selection of different composite methods, the wear-resistant ceramic pipe can run for a long time in the humidity range of -50℃ to 800℃, especially suitable for lining of the high-temperature burner and other equipment.

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