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Chemshun Employee Activity in XianFeng

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Oct.26, Chemshun Ceramics oranganized employee of internaional department attend outdoor sports at XianFeng SanBao of Pingxiang. Our activities including archery, reality CS, and train travel.

Teams practice archery together.jpg

Teams practice archery together.

Members delighted archery.jpg

Members delighted archery.

Ready to attend reality CS.jpg

Ready to attend reality CS.

Our member in the CS game.jpg

Our member in the CS game.

After the reality CS.jpg

After the reality CS.

The beautiful scenery we saw in the train.jpg

The beautiful scenery we saw in the train.

Take photos in the end of travel.jpg

Take photos in the end of travel.

Nearly every months we'll organize activities for stuffes relaxed and make the relationship more friendly.

We Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd founded in 2002 year, specially producing and export wear resistant ceramics, ceramic grinding media chemical tower packings.

If you want to see our more activities, welcome to follow us by facebook, linkedin, whats app. Our whats app number is as same as our phone number: 15879957696.

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