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3 Kinds of Wear Resistant Elbow Pipe

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Wear-resisting elbow with excellent function has become the new favorite of all walks of life, with its more and more widely used, Let's know more information about it. Well, let's begin with its classification. The current wear-resisting elbow is mainly including directly stick ceramic lining wear-resisting elbow, point welding wear-resisting elbow and centrifugal casting wear resistant elbow. And they are distinguished based on the inner wall of elbow.

Alumina ceramic elbow pipe - Chemshun.jpg

Directly stick ceramic lining type wear-resistant elbow's manufacturing process is relatively simple, the alumina ceramic pipe lining pieces or ceramic pipe directly bonded on the inner wall side of steel elbows by the relative specific adhesive material.

Point welding wear-resisting elbow, this elbow is in the patch wear-resisting elbow on the basis of the improvement, the adhesive has a better high temperature resistance function, also it with the patch welding.

Centrifugal casting wear resistant elbow, its tube wall is made of composite ceramic material, it has more advantages than the first two kinds of elbow.

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