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The Application of ceramic saddles

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The Application of ceramic saddles

Pingxiang Chemshun ceramics co., LTD’s ceramic saddles has excellent acid and heat resistant performance, can be used in all kinds of chemicals, acid, gas, heat exchange, RTO system such as recycling tower.

Chemshun ceramic saddles can exert its greatest effect. In the production of ceramic saddles, continuous extrusion process is used to process, which has the advantages of large flux and high efficiency. In fact, in the concrete production, ceramic saddles the bed most of the liquid channel of circular arc form, thus reducing the gas through the bed layer resistance, and in the downward flow of radial diffusion coefficient.

Chemshun ceramic saddles normal size: D19, D25, D38, D50, D76mm. 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, 2” 3”.

The Application of ceramic saddles

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