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  • Q How do Chemshun control the quality of wear resistant ceramic products?


    As a professional manufacturer of wear resistant ceramic products in China,Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd’s aim is to produce the high quality with reasonable price wear resistant alumina and ZTA ceramics for the worldwide clients, chemshun Ceramics own ourselves production guideline and quality control system.

    Chemshun Ceramics has completed quality /environmental/occupational health &safety management system and already audited by (ISO9001, ISO14000,ISO18000).

    Chemshun The quality inspection system is independent of the production system. We do the inspection for wear resistant ceramics in each step from the raw material, pressing, drying, firing to finished goods, our tunnel kiln is different from others which are narrow, it can control the temperature different within 5℃degrees, our shuttle kilns firing temperature reach to 1700 ℃these can make impact abrasion wear resistant ceramic  products quality more uniform in size/shape/abrasion resistant/impact resistant from the surface to the inside of the ceramics. And we can fire all type of thick alumina abrasion resistant ceramic bricks.

    Chemshun Control During Wear Resistant Ceramic Producing Process:
    1.Raw material : Testing size and liquidity every batch of raw material by particle size analyzer.
    2.Semi-finished product: before firing, QC will randomly check each batch semi-finished products.
    3.Finished product: After firing, product still on the kiln car, QC will randomly pick up the sample from the bottom, middle, up situation of kiln car and do the relative testing. After the cargo packaged well, the QC will inspect from the package well products.

    Chemshun Wear Resistant Ceramic Testing Items:
    1.Visual: Inspect all faces, no chips or damage
    2.Dimension: Measure using digital vernier calipers and warping degree
    3.Density: Measure density by water displacement
    4.Chemical analysis: Send to the national industry ceramic testing center do the analysis.  
    5.Wear loss test: by sand blasting.
    6.Vickers hardness and Fracture toughness testing: according to the National standards.
    7.Impact resistant: Simulate practical application scenarios.

    Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd everyday do the test. Through tests, we can control well our quality, and we know very well our quality situation in the national and international. Meanwhile, we always develop new products. Chemshun ZTA (Zirconia toughed alumina ceramics) CERAMICS are accepted by the market. The whole performance of ZTA ceramics is 10times of Alumina ceramics. Welcome your contacting once you’re interesting in us and our products.


    Wear Resistant Ceramic Quality Testing


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