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Ceramic Zirconia-Y grinding media CS-60

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Ceramic grinding media is widely apply in mining industry,mineral industry, cement industry, paints industry, inks industry, dyes industry, cosmetic industry, pigment industry as grinding media for ball mill, filling machine and sand mill.

Chemshun Ceramics is a professional ceramic grinding media manufacturer. Our CS-60 series Zirconia-Y grinding media (shape as ceramic grinding beads , grinding balls or grinding cylinder) , the main chemical composition as ZrO2:95%, Y2O3:5%, have the following benefits:

1.High density( 5.9~6.1 g/cm3 ) and it's ideal for high energy mills, maximizing throughput and productivity.

2.Superior strength and High hardness( up to 1300~1400 vickers hardness ) achieve the maximum milling results at minimum product contamination rates and reducing the energy cost.

3.Minimum of wear and tear on equipments and best grinding media.

4.Excellent stability, strong acid resistance and alkali proof.

5.Consistent particle small size ( Diameter range 0.1~20mm ) and no porous and irregular shape problems ( Roundness >93% ). We can customized for customers.

We also have others ceramic mill ball series:

Low-density series : CS26 with unmatched economic and performance advantage in fine and ultra-fine grinding process of soft mineral materials with low slurry density.

Middle density series : CS32, CS36, CS38, CS40, which widely used in the grinding mill of mining and minerals and suitable for hard minerals, high density slurry of minerals. The series media improve cost efficiency of customer.

High density series : CS52, CS60, CS62 with the best grinding, mixing and dispersing efficiency. This zirconia-based grinding medias is the optimum combination of efficient and cost-effective products to enhance productivity and quality.

We have experts team understand your needs and supply the engineered great ceramic grinding media for your grinding application. And We offer on-site visiting, lab testing, professional solution for you. Once you need more information welcome to contact with us by email or calling us +86-799-6790781, 0086-158-7995-7696 And we also welcome you to visit our website :

ceramic Zirconia-Y grinding media CS-60

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