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Which Filling Method Is More Effective for Ceramic Raschig Rings?

Views: 1     Author: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2024-04-06      Origin: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD


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When the ceramic Raschig rings are loaded in the packing tower, they are piled randomly. But in fact, when filling, some customers will use wet filling or dry filling. This article of Chemshun Ceramics will introduce whether the wet filling effect of ceramic Raschig rings is more obvious? If you pour ceramic Raschig ring packing into the tower body at will, it will lead to uneven packing density. In severe cases, it may cause the ceramic packing to break, causing uneven distribution of gas and liquid, and reducing the separation efficiency.

When installing ceramic Raschig rings, wet filling should be used if conditions permit. First, after installing the support plate, fill the tower with water. Gently pour the filler into the water from above the water surface. The filler will float and fall from the water. The water surface should be more than 1m higher than the filler. This filling can reduce the damage and deformation of the filler and ensure the uniformity of the filler. Some factories have done experiments to compare wet filling and dry filling with 38mm diameter ceramic Pall ring packing in a 500mm diameter tower. The results show that wet filling uses 5% less filler than dry filling, and the pressure drop decreases. 109 is almost equal. Therefore, wet filling should be used wherever possible where the flux is limited. If the ceramic Raschig ring is filled by dry method, the filler should be entered from the packing layer; for large diameter towers, dry filling is used, and sometimes people need to stand on the packing layer to fill. Wooden boards can be laid on the filler to ensure even stress; do not stand directly on the filler to prevent it from deforming under pressure and causing uneven density.

Regardless of wet filling or dry filling, it should be filled from the tower wall to the center to prevent the filler from bridging the tower wall and preventing deformation and uneven density. After each installation is completed, check whether the upper filler is flattened. If there is any unevenness, it should be flattened.

Ceramic Raschig Ring Safety Precautions

(1) Before loading personnel enter the tower for installation, they must conduct an oxygen content analysis and must pass the test before entering.

(2) The installation must be in contact with the outside world, have medical and safety personnel present, and must have first aid measures.

(3) When loading personnel are working in the tower, strict attention should be paid not to damage the internal parts, and the accessories must be installed securely.

(4) Ceramic Raschig rings should be handled with care during transportation, lifting, and filling, and the filling bucket should not be dropped.

(5) After the installation is completed, no debris or broken packing should be left in the tower.


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