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What is the Bulk Number of Ceramic/Metal/Plastic Pall Ring Packing?

Views: 11     Author: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2023-08-21      Origin: Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics CO.,LTD


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The bulk number parameters of ceramic/metal/plastic Pall ring are different for each specification. Now Pingxiang Chemshun to introduce the bulk number of different material specifications.

Pall ring fillers come in three materials: ceramic, metal and plastic. Metal materials: 304, 316, 316L, carbon steel, 201, 410, etc. Plastic material: PP, PVC, PVC, PTFE, etc.

Metal Pall ring packing bulk number parameters:

16*16*0.3mm, bulk number: 201000per/m3

25*25*0.4mm, bulk number: 51000per/m3

25*25*0.5mm, bulk number: 51000per/m3

25*25*0.6mm, bulk number: 15000per/m3

38*38*0.4mm, bulk number: 15180per/m3

38*38*0.5mm, bulk number: 15000per/m3

38*38*0.6mm, bulk number: 201000per/m3

50*50*0.5mm, bulk number: 6500per/m3

50*50*0.7mm, bulk number: 6500per/m3

50*50*0.9mm, bulk number: 6500per/m3

76*76*0.8mm, bulk number: 1830per/m3

90*90*1.0mm, bulk number: 1160per/m3

Plastic Pall ring packing bulk number parameters:

16*16*1mm, bulk number: 170000per/m3

25*25*1.2mm, bulk number: 53500per/m3

38*38*1.4mm, bulk number: 15800per/m3

50*50*1.5mm, bulk number: 6500per/m3

76*76*2.6mm, bulk number: 1927per/m3

100*100*3mm, bulk number: 1000per/m3

Ceramic Pall ring packing bulk number parameters:

25*25*3mm, bulk number: 53500per/m3

38*38*4mm, bulk number: 15000per/m3

50*50*0.5mm, bulk number: 6500per/m3

80*80*8mm, bulk number: 1950per/m3

Plastic Pall ring packing models are available in 38mm, 50mm and 76mm, with 100mm referring to the diameter. The parameters also include specific surface area, clearance rate, packing density, packing number, dry filler factor, etc.

More information about ceramic/metal/plastic Pall ring fillers is available at:

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