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What is industrial chemical filling ?

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"Filling" actually refers to materials that are filled in other objects. But in terms of subdivision, there are huge differences in the shapes of fillers in different fields.

For example, in chemical engineering, the filler refers to the lazy solid materials installed in the packed tower, such as Pall ring and Raschig ring, etc., whose function is to increase the gas-liquid touch surface and make it mix strongly with each other; in chemical products Among them, fillers, also known as fillers, refer to solid materials used to improve processing functions, product mechanical functions, and/or reduce costs; in the field of sewage treatment, it is mainly used in the touch oxidation process, and microorganisms will accumulate on the surface of the filler. In order to increase the external contact with the sewage, the sewage is degraded.

For these materials, which can be called as packed tower, people give them a collective name-"tower packing". The raw materials of the tower packing can be mainly divided into ceramics, plastics, and metals. Their properties determine the operation of the packed tower. As long as the tower packing with excellent functions is supplemented by the ideal tower internals, it can form a technically excellent packed tower.

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