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What is honeycomb ceramic packing and its function

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Honeycomb ceramic packing is a kind of porous industrial ceramics. Its internal shape is a lot of through honeycomb-shaped parallel channels. These honeycomb cells are divided by grid-like thin partition walls. Compared with general block ceramics, honeycomb ceramic filler has the characteristics of large specific surface area, reduced pressure, low resistance, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, low thermal expansion, good heat insulation, light weight, and high strength, so it is especially suitable Catalyst carrier for various purposes. At present, honeycomb ceramics are widely used in kiln regenerators, automobile exhaust gas purifiers, ozone suppression catalyst carriers, heat exchange in the metallurgical industry and filtration of metal liquids, chemical reaction carriers and catalysts in the chemical industry, and toxic gases and liquids in the mining industry. Purification treatment, spray coating in light industry, muffler materials in building materials industry and heat insulation materials in kilns.

Honeycomb ceramics can be made of a variety of materials. The main materials are: cordierite, mullite, aluminum titanate, silicon carbide, zirconia, silicon nitride, cordierite-mullite, cordierite-aluminum titanate and other composite substrates. Welcome to inquiry Chemshun ceramics manufacturer for your needed material .

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