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What is Trapezoid tiles( Pipe tiles)

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Chemshun Ceramics produce different shape type of wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles like plain tiles, weldable tiles and trapezoid tiles. Trapezoid tiles is also called pipe tiles, it is suitable for less than 900mm diameter of the pipe and elbow wear resistant lining, customizing trapezoidal lining plate with various dimension according to the size of the pipe and elbow, so it will become a complete round circle after installation.

Wear resistant trapezoid tiles

For example: If one client required tiles for DN500 pipe, obviously plain tiles can't be suitable for this small pipe, in this case, a similar size of 150*50/47*14 would be appropriate.

Such as: To produce wear resistant pipe and elbows, ID is 133mm and thickness of ceramic is 10mm. At start you may think mosaic tiles 17.5*17.5*10mm is workable of this project, and finally you would find the gap between mosaic tiles is too big, it is not good for fixing wear resistant ceramic pieces, and also can't reach the ideal anti-wear effect.

We suggest that the shape of the elbow adopts the form of shrimp joint with 20/17mm trapezoidal tiles, which not only has a small ceramic gap, but also has a very reliable firmness because it is similar to the principle of arch bridge after being enclosed in a circle.

Trapezoid tiles lined steel pipe

Chemshun Ceramics have engineering team can design trapezoid tiles for different equipment, if you have requirement of wear resistant trapezoid tiles, welcome you send enquiries to us by email: whatsapp and we chat: +86-158-7995-7696.

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