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What Grinding Mills Can Use Ceramic Grinding Media

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For improve grinding efficiency of grinding mills, most people choose using ceramic grinding media to maximize grinding productivity and profitability.

But how to choose suitable grinding balls for you milling device became a new question.

Usually, grinding equipments of grinding process including autogenous mills, semi-autogenous mills, ball mills and stirred mills.

Autogenous mills:
It usually use harder ore to grind softer ores with harder ores instead of using ceramic grinding media.

Semi-autogenous mills:
A SAG mill uses the same grinding way as an AG mill. But with the addition of ceramic grinding balls, it can grinding higher hardness ore and achieve the desired grind size faster. The improve of grinding efficiency means the cost of power and time can be saved.

Stirred Mill:
Many Chemshun ceramic grinding media can applied in the grinding mill. Medium density alumina silicate balls CS-26 for milling process of soft materials. And ceramic grinding balls CS-32 and CS-38, size from 0.4mm to 20mm, are suitable for milling process of hard materials.

Also, Chemshun supply zirconia beads CS-40 and CS-52. They're both suitable for milling process of high speed and hard materials. With the higher hardness than alumina balls, it can greatly prolong the service life of milling device.

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd. specialize in producing and export all type of ceramic grinding media and ceramic lining brick for ball mill. Our ceramic grinding ball is high roundness, low porosity, low wear loss and good surface quality. It can maximize grinding productivity and profitability of your grinding mills.

If you’re interested in Chemshun ceramic grinding media and need more technical information, welcome to contact with us or 0086-15879957696.

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