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Wear resistant ceramics is widely applied in steel industry

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For steel industry factories, there are 3 difficult problems make them have to frequently shut down their top hopper and coke weighing hopper of the blast furnace to repair it, which means more loss in time and profit. The 3 difficult problems are strong impact of material, serious wear and high working temperature.

In the past many years, the Manganese steel is usually used as the wear resistant lining hopper of the steel factories. But in practically application, the 3 big problem made the manganese steel liner wear and broken fast. The steel factories had to stop the producing and change the liners. In these years, the special ceramics industry develop fast. Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd produced the high alumina, ZTA, wear resistant ceramics with the good character of strong excellent wear abrasion resistance (it’s 260 times of Manganese steel), strong impact resistance, excellent hardness, excellent heat resistance (up to 1500centi degree) and excellent corrosion resistance, low density (almost half density of steel).

To solve the 3 big problem of steel factory, Chemshun developed a special wear resistant ceramics to used the steel hopper: Chemshun High Temperature Impact Abrasion Wear Resistant Ceramic lining plate. It is toughened ultra-thick wear resistant ceramic using arch welding or stud welding process in the equipment to form a strong wear resistant layer. For easy installation and replacement, ceramics can be mounted to steel plates and then to equipment by welding or countersunk bolts. The technology of wear-resistant ceramic lining is an international practice, according to the application results of many steel factories, using wear resistant ceramic lining instead of manganese steel plate can extend the service life of the equipment by 10-20 times, greatly save maintenance time and reduce labor intensity of workers.

Chemshun Ceramics can design and produce the wear resistant ceramic lining and wear ceramic rubber liner products for different equipment and industries. We have the ability to design and make the CAD drawings according to the client’s wear application. Once you need more information welcome to contact with us by email or calling us +86-799-6790781, 0086-158-7995-7696 And we also welcome you to visit our website :

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