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Wear Resistant Ceramic Knapsack Elbow

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Knapsack elbow is also known as reinforced elbow, Elbow part is a serious wear and impact place. Welding a wear part at the serious wear place of elbow called knapsack elbow. Wear-resistant ceramic knapsack elbow has realized double layer anti-wear, which is suitable for working condition with serious wear.

Wear-resistant ceramic knapsack elbow is made of special corundum ceramics pasted on the inner wall of elbow with high-temperature inorganic adhesive.The unique ceramic design makes the ceramic blocks form a mechanical self-locking force of 360° between the ceramic blocks after the last piece of the circle is embedded, which ensure a tight ceramic bond. The adhesive used for bonding ceramics has excellent adhesion to steel and ceramics. High strength and toughness, High heat resistance and aging resistance. It can be operated in temperature from -50℃ to 350℃ for a long time.

Chemshun wear-resistant ceramic elbow is generally used in thermal power, steel, chemical industry, smelting, cement and other pulverized coal conveying system, dust removal system.

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And wear-resistant ceramic backpack elbow has two layers of wear resistant characteristics, using high quality alumina corundum ceramics, hardness up to HRA85, more than 10 times the ordinary pipeline wear resistance;

Resistance to high temperature, corrosion and oxidation: can run at 350℃ for a long time, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and oxidation;

Thermal expansion and cold contraction: the thermal expansion coefficient of viscidity is between steel and ceramic, which can well adjust the extrusion of ceramic caused by the inconsistency of thermal expansion between ceramic and steel;At the same time, a variety of flexible fibers are added in the viscose to ensure that the ceramic does not fall off during long-term operation under vibration, frequent thermal expansion and cold contraction.

Easy to install: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipe, easy to carry, save manpower, easy to install, more quickly, can easily set up the pipe higher;

Scour resistance: it can resist the scour of larger granular materials without breaking;

Smooth inner and outer walls, unobstructed airflow, no scaling: the smooth surface enables the material to pass through freely without hanging or blocking the material;

Low cost: reduce the load of support and hanger equipment and save the cost of materials;

Reduce maintenance: super wear resistance greatly reduces maintenance frequency, saving cost and labor.

alumina ceramic lining lined pipe

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