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Wear Resistant Ceramic For The Integrated Equipment

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In wear resistant ceramic field, sometimes the clients purchase the integrated equipment ( equipment with ceramic lining) for their system. Why ? It's a better way to avoid the installation ceramics, choose the best suitable glue, and painting of the steel and welding works. From the cost side and quality side, professional work is left to professionals. It is convenient that the customers directly use the integrated equipment to match their current operation machine meantime it can save lots of time.

Here we Pingxiang chemshun ceramics want to popularize two simple kinds of the integrated equipment -steel pipes with ceramic lining, they are straight steel pipe and elbow steel pipe.

When we face the steel pipe, the technical engineer need to know the Length,OD,ID,wall thickness of the steel pipe,and the actual application parameters in the design drawing ,our technical team will choose a good type of wear resistant ceramic pasted on the surface of the steel pipe, such as trapezoid ceramic tile, alumina ceramic tubes,rectangular ceramic tile etc, as well as the suitable ceramic thickness for the application between 15-30mm, also the client appointed the exact thickness which bear the material friction.

Wear resistant ceramic lined steel pipe

Generally if the OD, ID, Length, wall thickness of the straight steel pipe are clear, we recommend the ceramic tubes or trapezoid ceramic tile of 15-25mm thickness as lining, also leave2-3mm thickness space for glue connecting the ceramic and steel pipe.

If it is elbow steel pipe, the length,OD,ID, wall thickness,the bending radius ,and angle of bend ,arc length are necessary before our give the suggestion for the the wear resistant ceramic solution. Commonly the ceramic tubes are mostly used in the elbow steel pipe. the thickness depends on the friction of the material through the pipe. Then a complete specification elbow steel pipe can be formed between the interaction among the demand side and the supply side.

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics is a professional manufacturer of wear resistant ceramic & ceramic grinding media,we also can provide a engineering solution for kinds of the integrated equipment.

If you have any interest, you can contact us by mail: or call us by the telephone : +86-799-6790781.

wear resistant ceramic and application

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