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Wear Ceramic Chute Liners

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Cchute with rubber ceramic wear linerhute is main conveying equipment during coal powder, grain, iron ore handling system ,but chute will bear big abrasion as handling material flow for long time. Using alumina ceramic tiles as chute wear liners will reduce the abrasion damage to chute. Chemshun wear resistant chute liners is widely applied in mining industry , coal plant,cement plant, steel industry.Chemshun chute wear ceramic liners including : alumina ceramic weldable tiles, ceramic rubber compostion , ceramic rubber steel compostions (ceramic vulcanized in rubber then backed with steel panel).

chemshun alumina ceramic weldable tiles as chute liner

The advantages of Chemshun chute wear liner are:

1.Excellent wear-resistant, prelong the service life of chute.
2.Anti-impact, ceramic rubber composite liners have both high wear resistance of ceramics and high cushioning and fatigue resistance of rubber.
3.Prevent blocking.
4.Reduce noise during operation.
5.Easy to installation and replacement.

chemshun ceramic rubber composite chute liner

Application: In general, using 20mm thick wear-resistant ceramic liner can guarantee 8 million tons of ore operation. It is equivalent to 5 times the service life of manganese steel liner of the same thickness. Secondly, the weight of wear-resistant ceramic lining equivalent to one-third of the manganese steel lining of the same thickness.

Chemshun Ceramics is a professional wear resistant ceramic liner factory. Also Chemshun has technical team and installation team who can help the client to choose the suitable wear resistant ceramic products, and we have the ability to design and make the CAD drawings according to the client’s wear application.

Welcome to email us or calling us +86-799-6790781, 0086-158-7995-7696 and visit our factory or our website : to know more.

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