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The five reasons why alumina ceramic lining tile fall out from the roller surface

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Maybe people using alumina ceramic lining tile as roller wear liner found that the alumina tile fall out from the surface while service working.

Chemshun Ceramics tell you 5 reasons why ceramic lining tiles fall:

1. Unreasonable thickness distribution of the alumina tile. It usually result for a gap between ceramic surface and steel surface. Thus, the adhesion can't stick closely and the alumina ceramic tile fall out. And even you can stick alumina tiles closely on the steel surface, it'll make your roller surface uneven and it can't transport materials steadily or benefit for choose mining materials.

2. Unqualified quality of alumina ceramic tile. Some factory supply their customer ceramic tiles of lacking angles. These tiles are hard to stick closely and easier to get wear than others tiles.

3. The alumina contents of alumina ceramic tile is lower than customer demands. High alumina ceramic tiles with high wear resistance, the alumina tile of low alumina contents is faster to get wear than high alumina tile.
4. The unqualified quality or wrong ingredient ratio of epoxy glue. These both are the reasons for the unsatisfactory result of sticking.

5. The wrong way to stick ceramic tiles on the steel surface. Before stick alumina ceramic tiles, you need to clean the stick surface by acetone and sandblasting the steel. Then evenly brush the epoxy glue until it's thick enough. Otherwise, it'll be easy to fall out.
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