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The SiSiC Desulfurization Nozzle and Application

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Silicon carbide nozzle for desulfurization can serve a long time, about 10~20 times longer than common metal, 4~7 times longer than alumina, especially suitable to serve in harsh conditions for fgd. This kind of silicon carbide nozzle for flue gas desulfurization which is made by reaction bonded silicon carbide is high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high temperature, long service life for flue gas desulfurization waste water. The interior unblocked channel design can effectively reduce nozzle blockage and prolong service life of desulfurization nozzle. There are flange connection, winding bonding, threaded connection and other ways of connection.

SiSiC nozzle for desulfurization also is uniform distribution of spray droplets, unobstructed, and no blocking phenomenon, is the key parts of the thermal power plant and large boiler exhaust gas desulfurization and dust removal device and denitration in coal-fired power plants,steel mills,large boiler and other large coal-fired equipments. Once you have any inquiry please contact with us, we Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd can afford kinds of silicon carbide ceramic for desulphurization according to your requirement.

If you're interested in Chemshun silicon carbide products and need more technical information, welcome to contact with us by email or calling/whatsapp/we chat at: 0086-15879957696.

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