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The Industry Application of Wear-Resistant Ceramic

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Alumina Wear resistant ceramics is belong to non-metallic wear-resistant material, it is made from high-purity 92%, 95% AL2O3 alumina powder, shaped by press through a sintering process on 1550-1700℃, its density is 3.6-3.75g/cm3,the hardness can be HRA80-90, these properties promise its superior abrasive -resistance and good impact resistance.

Compared with wear resistant metal, the wear resistant ceramic has its own property-high temperature resistance, as well as the light weight, so when it is used in the place which are heavily worn, it can enhance 20 times lifespan, it is a best option for the cement industry.

The wear resistant ceramic can be used for the below exact part of the equipment in cement industry,the enterprises in cement industry face a situation where energy is in tight supply and high cost arise, the wear resistance ceramic can help them to save energy ,reduce pollutants. thus the enterprise can enhance its competitiveness.

Application equipment system

Anti-wear part

Limestone crushing and raw fuel prehomogenization system

Feed chute, hopper and belt roller, etc

Raw material vertical mill system

Feed chute, roller seals, separator guide vane, vertical mill cyclone tube, pipeline, etc

Coal mill system

Separator shell, coal pipe, feed pipe, etc

Rotary kiln system

The inlet and outlet elbow of humidifying tower, grate cooler to electric dust collecting pipe, grate cooler coal grinding pipe, cyclone tube, electric dust collecting barrier plate, clinker elevator feeding chute, etc

Cement grinding system

Vertical mill, roller press, v-type separator feed chute, separator shell, circulation fan impeller, shell, cyclone tube and inlet and outlet elbow

Waste heat power generation system

Grate cooler to settlement chamber, pipe and inner wall

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of wear resistant ceramic & ceramic grinding media, Chemshun ceramics produce many kinds of alumina ceramic tile such as hexagonal alumina ceramics, wear resistant liner, rubber ceramic liner as well as epoxy resin etc.

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