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The Forming Techniques of Ceramic Grinding Media Balls

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Currently large-scale industrial production of ceramic grinding media mainly form/shape techniques including rolling, isostatic pressing (cold isostatic pressing and dry isostatic pressing).  

The rolling shape is a semi-dry and wet forming method, which is based on the production process of forming Chinese pill or northern dumpling. It is formed by sticking dry powder on the outside of "wet core" continuously. Usually this shape ball diameter is small and the normal diameter from D0.5mm~30mm.

Cold isostatic pressing with wet bags forming alumina ceramic ball is to powder for spherical cavity filling, soft mode (rubber mold), soft mode must be sealed, in cold isostatic pressing machine working inside the cylinder (pressure vessel), ventilation with ultrahigh pressure (generally in more than one 100mpa) liquid medium, liquid medium to each equal to the pressure will be soft mode along with powder uniform compression, after waiting for unloading the soft mode along with its internal body from the cold isostatic pressing machine work out of the cylinder (rubber mold is wet, and the film is also known as bags, wet bags hence the name), outside the working cylinder mold release or spherical body. The alumina ceramic body formed by this method has high density and uniformity. The diameter usually from D20~D60mm.

Dry isostatic forming of ceramic grinding media is easy to achieve automatic production and is less affected by human factors. The consistency of the shape and appearance of the green body is better than that of the wet bag cold isostatic forming. In general, from the beginning to the end of the unloading pressure a pressing cycle within a minute, when unloading blank internal gas discharge in a short time, if the moisture of the powder uneven or granulation particle size not appropriate, body are easy to crack. So by this method forming of powder forming high performance requirements, must be approved by the powder spray granulation. The ceramic grinding media quality is very well once the raw material and producing process control well.

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd briefly introduced the forming methods and equipments of ceramic grinding media. Customer can choose the suitable ceramic grinding balls according to the specific requirements.

We Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd. Specialize in producing and export all type of ceramic grinding media of ceramic mill ball and ceramic lining brick. Our ceramic grinding ball is high roundness, low porosity, low  wear loss and good surface quality, it can greatly improve you grinding efficiency and save power.

Dry isostatic forming balls

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