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Silicon Carbide As Wear Solution Material

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Silicon carbide is a kind of wear resistant material that applied in industrial environments such as those found in mining, construction, petrochemical, power generation, and manufacturing operations. Some typical application is as a wear resistant ceramic liner for pneumatic conveyance, pump housings, elbows, hoppers, cyclones, and dust collectors.

The characters of silicon carbide:

1. Ultra-high hardness and superior wear resistance. Its' mohs hardness is up to 13 grade which is approaching the diamond's hardness.

2. High impact resistance. Compara to alumina ceramic, the other wear resistant material, it's of higher impact resistance, which means more wear resistant in the working surrounding of high impaction, such as spray nozzle of sandblasting gun.

3. Corrosion resistance. Silicon carbide can tolerates a wide range of acids and alkalis.

4. Strength at high temperature up to 1380°C.

5. Good dimensional control of complex shapes.

6. High oxidation resistance.

The application of silicon carbide:

In mining industry, silicone carbide is usually used for making silicone carbide plate as chute wear liner, silicone carbide tiles backed rubber sheet as hopper liner. And due to the casting forming way, it's easier to be shaped with accurate size. So it can be used for making large or small size pipe liner and cyclone liner.

And silicon carbide also are excellent seal faces, bearings, cylinder, key component in thermistors materials.

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd is a professional wear resistant ceramic liner manufacturer. If you're interested in silicon carbide products and need more technical information, welcome to contact with us by email or calling/whatsapp/we chat at: 0086-15879957696.

Silicon carbide as wear resistant ceramic liner

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