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Rubber Ceramic Plates Applied in Transfer Chute

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Transfer chute refers to a trough that is usually transported from a high place to a low place on the ground. The inner surface is smooth, and the thing can be automatically slid down (such as the washing of a gold ore-bearing ore tank or a sloping water tank for excavating logs). It is mainly used in small open pit mines, modern mines and coal washing plants, and plays an important role in various transportation. The application of transfer chute makes the production and transportation more stable, safe and reliable. So the design of the chute is of great significance.

Due to the height difference of the chute, the object in transit has a certain sliding speed in the downward process, and the weight of the mineral itself and the uneven surface cause wear and impact on the surface of the chute.

Obviously, it is very important to choose the appropriate chute lining material to prevent wear and impact. Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,ltd can provide products that can fully comply with this feature.

rubber ceramic plate chemshun ceramics

Chemshun rubber ceramics plate is with high wear resistant ceramics vulcanized in rubber and steel. They possess many benefits including high hardness, superior abrasion and impact resistance corrosion and chemical resistance. Installing ceramic rubber plates in transfer chutes can lead to following benefits:

> The c ceramics can resist the friction, wear loss and damage caused to the transfer chute.

> The elasticity of rubber can reduce the impact of minerals on the chute, and improve the longevity of transmission equipment.

> The natural properties of rubber can substantially reduce the vibration and noise of minerals on the course of conveying.

> Customized shapes and sizes are available to meet specific requirements and fit different type of transfer chutes.

> Easy installation. Most chemshun rubber ceramics plate with the bolt on the back side of steel. Customer can easy install on site.

chute with rubber ceramic plate chemshun ceramics

Chemshun Cramics can produce all type of Rubber Ceramic Plate according to the customer requirement. We produce the wear resistant ceramics by ourselves, we can afford any shape and size of ceramics customer required, such as ceramic cylinder, ceramic plate, hexagonal ceramics, ZTA ceramics etc. Meanwhile we have the Automatic vulcanizing machine, we can professionally vulcanize ceramics and afford you high quality products and wear protection / install service. 

chute with rubber ceramic wear liner

For more information welcome to , visit our factory, and contact with us by email , calling us:+86-799-6790781, +86-158-7995-7696.

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